How to seal an envelope without licking it

Posted by Heather McCormack on

No one wants a licked envelope, here are some simple alternative ways to seal an envelope without licking it!


1. Wax stampThis is a lovely touch especially to wedding invitations. We used this one on our wedding invites (the first time round 🙈). Wax stamps can bought in most craft shops and online. 


2. Sellotape - Simply tape the envelope flap.


3. Damp sponge - Use a damp sponge or brush to activate the glue on the envelope rather than licking. 


4. Glue -  Use a glue stick to seal the envelope flap. 


5. Sticker - Use a sticker to seal the envelope flap. I use this method on all of the cards that are sent directly to the recipients. 


6. Fold in - Fold the envelope flap in on itself. This is not the most secure way if you are posting your card but it is perfect if you card is being hand delivered. This is also useful if you don't write on the outside, as the envelope can be resued.