What to Write in a Mother's Day card

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What to Write in a Mother's Day card

Whether your celebrating your mam, step-mam, grandmother, mother-in-law, foster mam or mentor this mother's Day, finding the right words to tell her just how you feel can be tricky. I've put together this small list of ideas to help get you started. 

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Sweet and Simple messages

  • Sending you all my love today – Happy Mother’s Day!
  • I’m so proud to call you my Mam
  • Raising me took a lot of patience. Thanks for hanging in there with me.
  • Sorry if I drove you crazy sometimes. I only did it because I love you!
  • Thank you for being you and for everything you do.
  • Happy Mother’s Day to the best Mammy of them all. I’m so glad you’re mine
  • Happy Mother’s Day. Thank you for putting up with us/me.
  • Thank you for being there every day. Happy Mother’s Day.
  • Thank you for everything you have done for me! I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for you.  
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Funny messages

  • Happy Centre of Attention Day. Make the most of it!
  • Happy Mother’s Day. Thanks for wiping my bum and all that!
  • Happy Mother’s Day from your Favourite child!
  • Thank you for being the Mam I wouldn’t be embarrassed to turn into.
  • Instead of a grandchild, how about a dog? Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Mentor, Taxi Driver, Cleaner, Referee – which name do you prefer?
  • Mam, sit back & relax today, you can do the housework tomorrow, it’s not going anywhere.
  • Happy Mother’s Day! Love from the reason you drink
  • Sometimes I open my mouth and my mother comes out. And I don't know how I feel about it