Natural, Unscented Eco-Soy Wax Tea Lights

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Natural, Unscented Eco-Soy Wax Tea Lights.

4 hour approximate burn time each candle.

6 pack - biodegradable shrink wrapped.

Hand Poured

Ideal for use in an oil burner along with Emma's all-natural wax tart melts.

Trim Wick to 5mm before each use. Always burn within sight. Keep away from children, soft furnishings, drafts and animals. Place on a sound surface. Allow candle to harden before relighting. Never burn for more than 4 hours.

Emma's Eco-Soy Candles are All Natural, Handmade and fragranced with Only Pure Essential Oils.

Made from renewable soya wax and a cotton wick - that's a candle made from pure plant ingredients!

Long Lasting and Clean Burning.

No Paraffin, No Artificial Dyes, No Synthetic Fragrances