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Pomander Boxed Glass Tumbler Candle

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Pomander Fragranced Boxed Glass Tumbler Candle scented with pure essential oils of Cinnamon, Clove and Sweet Orange.

50hr approx. Burn Time.

These tumbler candles make a great gift in their beautiful boxes and are suitable for use anywhere, especially in the average sized living room or bedroom.

Pomander, a brand-new seasonal fragrance collection from Emma’s So Naturals is a deliciously warming and uplifting seasonal blend of Cinnamon, Clove & Sweet Orange Pure Essential Oils.

Candles create a snug and glowing ambiance, even more so with this new Emma’s So Naturals blend, created to bring light & warmth into your longer winter evenings!

Emma, when designing this all-natural fragrance, was inspired by a time-honoured festive custom where Pomanders or ‘perfumed balls’ of fresh oranges are spiked with Clove Buds and adorned with ribbon and Cinnamon sticks and then traditionally hung to dry & naturally perfume the home.

Cinnamon Bark Oil brings with it a distinctive hot & spicy, musky scent. Clove Oil is warm, uplifting and stimulating, and Sweet Orange Oil is radiant, spirited and zesty!

This timely limited release seasonal fragrance, only available while stocks last, is available in the Emma’s So Naturals all-natural luxury candles collection comprised of Glass Tumbler Candles, Tin Candles and Wax Tart Melts, and coming soon in a new aroma diffuser pure 10ml essential oil blend.